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Lemongrass ipa

This is one of my fav beers to brew and drink. Kegging now forced carbonation. A abv of 5 %

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how much lemon grass did you use?

About 6 0z. Of these hops i used. Sorachi ace. Mandarin. And. Hallertau did add lemon grass. 10 min before end of boil. 6 0z does not seem lots. But. Its strong stuff

Would you share the recipe? Sounds great!

Will do onces i am back home today

Hope you can read it

Second part

Looks great, how much lemongrass and how do you prep it? (crush, cut, etc.?)


Wash them. Than cut. Small pieces. Soak. In vodka. About 4 days. Toss the whole thing into the boil 15 min before end. Me got them growing in the yard. So i wash them. First.

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