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Lemonade / tea half and half

Was thinking of making a hard “Arnold Palmer” (iced tea and lemonade) this weekend. My thoughts were to mix four pounds of sugar with four or so gallons of water and a half pound of DME… Boil that up with some tea bags - cool, then dump onto 7 cans of lemonade concentrate…

I’m going to use wyeast 1056 from a starter and some yeast nutrient…

Any thoughts…?

And just for a disclaimer - this foo foo drink is not for me… Haha

Don’t boil the tea bags or you’ll extract a lot of tannin. What works well for me is to do a short pre-steep with the bags to remove the stronger tannin fraction, then steep the bags in the wort at flameout. You’ll need a few more bags to get the same flavor, but it’ll be smoother.

Thanks for the tip… Didn’t even think of that! How many tea bags do you think? I was going to do the steep till it tastes good method…

What do you estimate your OG gonna be

I got the lemonade recipe off of a thread on this forum… They stated their OG was around 1.080…

I’d say it lost its foo foo status as it hit the 1.080 mark

ok thanks i’ll do a search unless you remember the thread name


Try that…

Haha… I still need to think of a manly name for it…

Haha… I still need to think of a manly name for it…[/quote]

How about calling it a “John Palmer” instead of “Arnold Palmer”?

Just made it…

Made a starter with 1056 … Added a half teaspoon of lemonade concentrate to it every hour for five hours - to let the yeast acclimate to the acidity.

While that was going, I pre steeped 50 tea bags in some water for about a min… To remove the high astringency of the tea. I then dumped that water - boiled 2 gallons of fresh water for 15 min - killed the flame then re steeped the tea for about 10 min or so, until it tasted right…

I then cooled that - dumped it into a carboy, then poured in 8 cans of lemonade concentrate.

Brought two more gallons of water to a boil… While it was heating up, I stirred in four pounds of sugar and .75 pound of extra light DME. I boiled that for 15 min and added yeast nutrient during the last 10 min.

Cooled it, then dumped ontop of tea… Shook it vigorously, took at OG of 1.082… Then poured the starter in…

The OG test tasted great… let’s hope it doesn’t ferment completely dry or I may need to back sweeten with Splenda.

24 hours in and bubbling away

Brewed my version today recipe was 1.5gal of bottled lemonade, 5 cans of walmart frozen,2# sugar,.5#light lme 4tsp yeast nutrient, 1tlbs of kosher salt top off with water to make 4gal.

I boiled for about 10 min because i’m on well thats untreated cooled to pitching temp and pitched one packet of US-05 rehydrated, depending on how it tastes i may omit the lme next time OG was 1.068

Two weeks in… Gravity down to 1.04

Still taste great!! And it’s still bubbling away!

I racked mine on Sunday it was 1.012 it tastes good just needs more flavor and sweetner

Just checked the gravity… Stalled at 1.03

Going to give it a stir and see if it picks back up… Certainly taking longer than I thought!

Should I rack to secondary? It’s been over a month on the yeast cake now.

If it hasn’t reached FG, the last thing you want to do is remove it from the majority of the yeast.

Try raising the temperature and swirl the yeast up. .

When I’m bartending or ordering from fellow bartenders at my frequented bars and I want a hard Arnold Palmer drink we just call it a John Daly

I’ve never made a beer this big before… Does it normally take this long?

The temp has been a constant 68-70 degrees and I just gave it a good swirl… We will see what happens

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