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Lemon grass ale using soachi and mandarin hops

Got some soachi ace and mandarin hops in the mail. Monday. So did brew. A lemon gras ale yesterday. Now been reading. Soachi ace hops. Might give a overwhelming dill taste. Any one had that experience. With this kind of hops. 0.5 oz. Mandarin. 60 min. 0.5 0z. Soachi at 30 min. 0.5oz citra. At 15 min. Soachi 0.5 0z at 15. Citra 0.5 0z at 5 min. Flame out 1 0z. Mandarin. At 30 min. 4 stalks of fresh. Lemon grass.

I think you are going to love the Sorachi Ace. It is close to a Saaz and has a wonderful distinction. It is the hops of Sapporo and I do not think of dill when I think of that beer. But I think it’s uniqueness will be overwhelmed by the Mandarin, Citra, and Lemon grass. Did you grate the lemon grass? I’ve used lemon grass and loved it others feel it gives a scented soap like quality.

If you look at that hops link people recommend using it at the end of boil to avoid the dill. I cannot say I ever thought about when to use it and have never had dill.

Some tourist at work gave me the recipy. He said. He won a award with the brew. So i did try it yesterday. Did chop the lemon grass in fine pieces. And did add it 30 into the boil. Must say the hops smell nice when i opened the package. Got about. 6 0z left of soachi ace. Think. Gonna try it in conbination. With saaz. On a heffeweisen. Now wait and see the brew busy fermenting.

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