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Leinenkugel oktoberfest clone

anyone have a partial mash recipe for leinenkugel clone

After playing around a little bit, I came up with this, which should come pretty close. Partial mash, 3.5-gallon boil, 5-gallon final volume. You can decide if you want to use German malts and hops or American – my recommendation would be for the good German stuff. Similar for the extract – you can try the new Munich malt extract or stick with the DME that I specified. Personally I might stick with DME just because I don’t trust the freshness of liquid malt extracts – liquid extracts stale quickly.

Keep in mind, it will take a good 2.5 months to make a good Oktoberfest beer. You can cut the time shorter, but it won’t taste quite as awesome.


2.5 lb Vienna malt
1.2 lb Munich malt
3 oz melanoidin malt
3 lb amber DME (or you could try Munich LME)
0.5 lb light DME
0.5 lb table sugar
1 oz Tettnanger (boil 60 minutes)
0.375 oz Hallertau (boil 10 minutes)
1 tsp Irish moss (boil 10 minutes)
Wyeast 2206 or dry W-34/70 yeast
0.5 tsp calcium chloride
7 gallons distilled or RO water

Make a 3-quart yeast starter 3 days in advance. Alternatively, you could just use 2 packs of the dry W-34/70 yeast, which should turn out pretty good although I haven’t tried it myself.

I feel it is important to use all distilled or RO water with just 0.5 teaspoon calcium chloride added in the mash, as you wouldn’t believe how much salts are in those malt extracts already.

Mash in the crushed grains with 6.8 qts 159 F water and 0.5 tsp calcium chloride to hit ~150 F for an hour. After the hour-long mash is done, carefully pull the hot grain bag and discard. No sparging or rinsing required. Then to your wort, you’ll need to add 2 gallons distilled/RO water, plus your light extract and the cane sugar. Save the amber extract for later. Stir well to dissolve, and then bring up to a boil. Boil for 60-65 minutes. Add hops and Irish moss per schedule, and add your amber DME in the last 10-15 minutes of the boil as well (this will ensure your beer doesn’t turn out too dark brown in color). Top up to 5 gallons with cool distilled/RO water. Chill into the 40s, then add yeast slurry from just the bottom of your yeast starter, or pitch in your dry yeast. Ferment as close to 50 F as possible for 6 to 8 days, then raise up to 65 F for 2 days for diacetyl rest, then check gravity. When gravity is in low teens, crash to ice cold for 2 months. If kegging, you can do this conditioning right in the keg. Otherwise bottle with 9 Tbsp table sugar and a little revived yeast, and allow to carbonate for a good 3-4 weeks before drinking.

Enjoy. :cheers:

I ll try it thanks

34/70 will make a good O-fest, but I’d recommend S-189 if you can find it. I made one back in march with S-189 that turned out great. I wasn’t trying to clone a specific O-fest, just to make one that tasted good.

I brew abit but not enough to try and create my own yet

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