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Leffe Blonde type input please

I plan to make a beer similar to Leffe Blonde and would appreciate some input on the grain bill and yeast selection. For the grain bill, Stan Hieronymus reports that Leffe uses pils malt, pale malt, and maize. OG about 1.064 and IBU 25. The maize flavor doesn’t seem to stand out so I’, thinking 10-12% max.

Belgian Pils - 45%
Belgian Pale - 45%
flaked maize - 10%

For yeast, I am considering WY1214 or WY1768.

Thoughts ? thanks

Just bottled NB’s lefse clone. Used t-58 yeast, tasted great going into the bottles…Can’t help any with the recipe but I think NB’s had pils and just a tiny bit of caramel 10.



You are right- maize doesn’t stand out in it – I would leave it out altogether. OG and IBU’s look right. Google “homebrew yeast brewery origin” to see which commercial yeast came from a particular brewery.

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