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Leave the pressure on?

I just kegged the dead ringer. A lot of work ;sanitizing, checking pressure, all the equipment. I have the pressure at 30. Do I leave the co2 on or turn it off?

Are you trying to force carbonate it at 30psi? If so you will need to leave it on. Shaking it or bouncing the keg will get it to carb almost instantly if your beer is cold. Results are not always good doing that though. 12psi with it cold, sitting still for about 2 weeks works better.

Somewhere around 12 is good to dispense but you will have to see how your system works. Most of us leave the gas on all of the time to dispense. Down side is if there is a leak you will find your tank empty and beer flat. Always check for leaks with a spray bottle of soapy water or Star San.


Sometimes as I become anxious… I will force carb, 30psi, with a cold crashed brew… let it sit over night or a bit long, gas off, allow the CO2 to dissolve into the brew, then turn on to serving pressure… Its ok, but not like a set it and forget it routine… Sneezles61

My plan is to 30 for 24hr, 20 3-4 days. I am going to check on things every day

So far like @sneezles61 , I’ve had the best luck going 30 for 24 hours then venting it and going 20 for a day or so or right to serving pressure, especially if you give it a shake. I’m thinking if you stay at 20 for 3-4 days you’re going to end up over-carbed. Another little thing I’ve learned is that if you’re using picnic taps, make sure you vent the CO2 off to serving pressure before you hook up the tap or you’ll get forced served! :wink: Cheers!

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I’ve had good luck with charging the keg with 30 pounds once a day for 3 days. The Co2 absorbs into the beer and I don’t run the risk of over carb and no need to vent. :+1:

I do leave the pressure on 3 days at 20 psi forced carbonation than set it to. Serving pressure got good luck with this method

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I used the prv to release the pressure. I put the pressure to 20 lbs. I was going to leave it for 3-4 days. What happens if it gets over co2?

The beer will be very effervescent and can thin the body. Likely you’ll get a lot of foam on the pour. It will also change the flavor as you’ll get carbonic acid as the CO2 hydrates. You get a “bite” from the carbonic acid.


thank you.

My SOP is to set it at 30 psi for 24 hours when I first put it into the kegerator. Then I drop it to 20 psi for 2-4 days. I start checking carbonation level at day 3. As I carb two beers at once, if one gets overcarbed before the other is ready, I simply shut off the manifold to that keg and continue to carb the other one. I pour from the overcarbed keg until it settles over a few days. My serving pressure in my system is about 9 psi. I never touch the prv, especially for dry hopped beers, don’t want all that aromatic goodness to escape anywhere but my glass. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I have flow control perlick faucets so I can drop the flow rate on an overcarbed beer until it settles.



Today is day 3. Yeppeeeeeeeee! Today is day 3 at 20lbs.

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