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Leave the bucket lid on loosely?

My bucket leaks at the lid, so there is never any activity in the airlock…I’m fine with that. Any reason I have to snap it down instead of just leaving it sit on top? I don’t see any way bacteria could get in any more, and I ferment in a freezer chest, so I think it is safe from getting accidentally knocked off. It would make it easier to take measurements, etc.

It shouldn’t be a problem. My only caution would be to get it transferred into a secondary as soon as primary fermentation stops. As long as it’s outgassing co2 it’s pretty safe from oxidation and contamination but once it stops it becomes vulnerable. This is more true with wine but it should hold true for beer too. :cheers:

leave the lid loose? And miss out on tearing your fingers apart trying to get the $^#@ thing off again?
Why would you want to do that?

Seriously though (I am a bucket user too) I would agree with the above. I know there are people who do it successfully, but you might need to be a little more diligent on transferring it, making sure it did not get bumped, etc. Or, what if you have very vigorous ferment and it starts lifting the lid? I always have blow off from 1007 for example - even in buckets.

I like to leave my beers just sit in primary for 3 weeks then bottle/keg, so I do snap the lid down just so I don’t need to ever worry about it.

Why not just spend a few bucks and buy a new plastic primary and eliminate your concerns. Better to be safe than out a batch of beer.

Unless you’re worried about blowoff, there’s no reason to be concerned during primary fermentation if the lid is loose. A lot of brewers simply use foil or a red cup instead of an airlock - there’s no real need unless you’re doing long-term aging.

I’d snap it down, a fruit fly can get through a pretty small crack.

Didn’t think of fruitflies… +1 to that. Between chance of bumping lid off, chance of blow off, chance of fruitflies, chance of ??? Just not worth the risk.

fruitflies? that I could see, but I don’t know how they would get into the freezer.

Oxidation…shouldn’t there be a blanket of CO2 from the fermentation to prevent that?

I would get a new bucket, but the last one did the same. I’m thinking of putting a small bead of silicon in the groove of the lid…maybe that will make it airtight.

Yeah too many bugs crawling and flying around for me!

The CO2 blanket will dissipate quickly if you have an open fermentation. Even a leaky lid that is snapped on, will help hold it in better. Id’ still rack to secondary after ferm is done, and transfer a good amount of yeast to ensure the beer finishes.

William’s homebrewing sells a bucket O ring. I haven’t used one, but I remembered seeing it online. You might be able to find something similar at a hardware store.

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