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Leaky kettle solution options

So I got a new 10 gallon stainless kettle with a leak. About 7/8 " from the bottom, a small pinhole leak. I got a refund, but didn’t have to send the kettle back. I’m cheap, so now want to try to salvage this free leaky kettle. I’ve never done any silver solder work, but am willing to try. The weld less option came up… my concern it that this leak is on a point where there’s a bit of a ridge. I don’t know that I’ll get a good seal. I’ll add pics under the poll.

So what should I do?

  • Try to silver solder the hole
  • Weld less fitting- Sight tube/ thermometer
  • Weld less fitting- ball valve
  • Scrap it, the thing was free

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I would try to silver solder it first. Good place to practice. Ball valve would be a second option if the silver soldering doesn’t work out for you.

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Ubes, you drive up north and we can give er a whirl! Sneezles61

That’s not being cheap. It would be sad to see a brand new usable kettle go to the scrap yard.

Think I picked sight gauge but a ball valve might be better. If the weldless one won’t work with 2 O rings then you could take it to a welder and have a fitting welded on. Sure would be cheaper than the price of the kettle.

Might want to start drilling the hole a little higher than the actual spot it leaks from to get it off the bottom more. Let us know what you end up doing.

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I agree with what hd4mark suggested in drilling the hole up slightly higher to take in the pinhole. That close to the bottom of the pot you might not have room for the nut needed to tighten the weldless valve in place. I think that I had to drill a 7/8 hole for the ball valve I installed in my pot. I think you would be happy with a ball valve on that big of a pot also.

Update on this… I went simple and just soldered a patch. Took me two tries, but it doesn’t leak, now. I just didn’t feel like I needed a fitting.

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