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Leaky faucet

I am building my first Keezer and so far I cannot get the faucets to seal. At first I thought they just weren’t tight enough, but after many times making it tighter and tighter I ruined one tap and it leaked the entire time. They all have Orings and it is only leaking where the faucet joins the shaft. Any ideas how to fix the problem would be greatly appreciated.

A couple things that I can think of is you are maybe using a used faucet “head” that is either missing or has a “squashed/ flattened” gasket which causes leaks.

Or you have a new faucet “head” that is missing the gasket altogether or has a cr0p gasket in there if leaking very badly even after tightened.

Or the “star” pattern on the shank/faucet was not lined up correctly before tightening causing both leakage and possible damage to either “star” pattern if torqued down too hard.

Quite a while ago in the past I heard of a certain run of faucets and/or shanks manufactured that had mucked up “star” keys on the mating parts that were definite return items if you got one. But this was many moons ago and I cannot even remember which type they were and would guess that those were pulled out of the market right away. Others can chime in on the pertinent as I never followed up as I had all the taps I would ever need.

Here is the gasket/washer that goes in between shank and any type of faucet “head”
It should be round with squared sides. Not a true cylindrical O-ring.

Here is the blowup showing where it goes. The gasket mentioned is part#7 on the blowup.
[attachment=0]Repair Parts - Nads-Abeco.jpg[/attachment]

Also in the future you should really post this type of question in the draft sub-topic, instead of general.

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