Leaf hops

Gota supply of fresh hops this fall. Is four ounces too much for one batch of beer?

That depends on what style you’re brewing and what variety of hops they are ~ also their alpha. Lots of leeway here.

Don’t know. These are wild hops. Soaked in vodka they were very bitter and very orange grapefruit citrus.

You didn’t say they were pickled hops. Never messed with them so I can’t say.

I’d suggest using them as a late addition, bitter with something else, are they dried and vacuum sealed?

Only pickled a small amount to get an idea of profile. Dried and vacuumed.

If you’re using them for bittering, I’d use an equal amount of unknown and a known alpha hop to make two equal volumes of hop tea and then taste the two. It doesn’t take much, maybe two grams in a pint of water. I bring the water to a boil then pour onto the hops, let sit about 30 seconds and then strain and taste. Not so fancy but it’s helped me narrow down the alpha to a relatively accurate/usable value.

If you’re using them as late additions it shouldn’t make that big of a difference if you’re estimate is off a little. Keep us posted.