Latest recipe creation for a NEIPA

8# Marris Otter
4# 2row
3# Flaked oats
1# Flaked wheat
8oz Carapils
8oz C40

.5oz El Dorado @60
1oz Citra WP
2oz Denali WP
2.5oz El Dorado WP
1oz Citra 1st DH
2oz Denali 1st DH
2.5oz El Dorado 1st DH
1oz Citra 2nd DH
2oz Denali 2nd DH
2.5oz El Dorado 2nd DH

3rd gen 1318 yeast

The descriptors of these hops tell me they should play well together just not sure of the amounts.

They should play well together. I’ve never tried them but agree that citra is a dominate hop and when used with others should be limited. I don’t know your AA% of El Dorado but 1oz sounds like a lot for bittering a NEIPA.

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The El Dorado is 15.4% so I dialed back the bittering charge and the Citra all throughout as well. I want the El Doardo and Denali to shine really.

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One thing to keep an eye on is the bitter. I use a first wort addition in mine. I like all the late hop additions. Some seem a little exuberant In quantity but I’ve never used those hops so I’m looking forward to hearing how this one tastes. Looks like a lucious brew!

If thats a 5 gallon… that will be a great big brew… 1.095! A 10 gallon would bring it down… Which is it? Sneezles61

The shitty app I use (BrewR) gives me an OG of 1.084 at 75% efficiency and the 1318 will have it finish around 1.016 giving me about 9% abv on this 5 gallon batch. A little bigger than I like but I’m good with it. 17 ounces of hops should balance it out!


Yeah, I used 80%… Thats still a big brew! I didn’t count the hops… I’ll be curious when its done and your tasting notes! Sneezles61