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Late adition lme

So me do always the last 20 in the boil a late adition of 3.5 lbs of lme. So tech it should make the beer bit lighter. Am i right. Reason dont see difference so much

I do a late addition with LME quite often. The resulting beers are lighter in color and more hoppy. Brewed the Chinook IPA yesterday. Added all of the LME and DME at the beginning of the 60 minute boil. This will establish a benchmark for this recipe. The next time I brew it will be a late addition of half the LME to compare the result.

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What i do strart with lme in the beginning than rest of lme at the 20. Min mark.

Definitely seems like LME darkens during the boil. My very first kit, a blond ale, came out looking like an Octoberfest. IMO, late additions do not fix this entirely, but they do help.

Yes same thing here

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