Last Straw Bottle Filler Foaming

Hey all, I have been trying for my last two batches to fill my bottles from the keg with a Last Straw bottle filler. All I get out of it though is foam, foam, and more foam. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is it possibly overcarbed? I am trying to bottle a cream ale that I force carbed for 3 days at 25 psi, then let it settle for 24 hours.

I think I may have identified at least one issue. My keg is chilled at about 35 degrees while the bottles are closer to 65-70. Not sure if that matters or not?

True you should chill the bottles and also release all the pressure in the keg. I disconnect my gas line and just give little bursts of pressure as needed. Your looking for just enough pressure to move the beer from the keg to the bottle slowly. That’s how I do if anyway. I don’t use a last straw filler just a piece of stainless tubing.

I’ll throw a few bottles in the freezer and see what happens. There’s no sign of liquid the way I’m doing it that’s for darn sure.

Try 3 PSI, relieve the pressure first… Sneezles61

I’ll try that too. The instructions on The Last Straw state that it can be used at serving pressure but I was skeptical as well. I’m thinking its a combination of issues. 1. I think the pressure it too high, 2. The bottles are too warm, and 3. It may be a bit over carbed.

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thats why me dont fill bottles any more to much hassle stick with the kegs and growler .but true dont know why it foams over

It’s worth the added effort to have bottles to share. Let’s face it kegs are inconvenient for sharing a few beers except when your home.

I have had a counter pressure bottle filler for years. Honestly I find it to be a PIA. Better off weighing out sugar, using some kind of priming tabs or never tried them but it sounds good, the Domino dots. Then bottle conditioning. The down side to that is you get the usual sediment in the bottles.

Putting the bottles in the freezer helps a lot. Cold beer into a warm container will foam up. The lower serving pressure while filling helps reduce splashing that causes the same.

Does the “Last Straw” purge the O2 and pressurize the bottle with CO2 like a counter pressure? They work but it takes some getting used to and the need for a towel handy to sop up the spilled beer.

I used to use the wand and stopper and purge as I filled. Waste of time. Just fill them and let the foam push out the sir. Cap on the foam and your done. Counter pressure filler another waste of money.

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Since my counter pressure filler has been sitting on a shelf for years I have to agree that it was a waste of money.

Yea, it does have a separate O2 line so you can purge the bottles of oxygen. It seems like a great little tool, but so far I cannot get it to work properly. But since I already sunk the cash into it, I might as well figure out how it’s used. I’m going to start by eliminating one perceived problem at a time. I was thinking of pulling the keg out of the keezer and letting it warm up just a bit before filling the bottles. Do you see an issue with letting it get warm then cooling it back down when I’m done?

Its best to keep the beer as cold as possible yo keep the co2 in solution. I was at a commercial brewery and we were drinking the beer off the canning line and the beer was coming out of the bight tanks at 32 deg for just that reason

thats why i do have a men cave drink only beer out of the keg or fill the growler

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I would keep the beer cold like brew_cat said and put the bottles in the freezer before filling then only bring out a couple at a time. My experience with the filler is the bottles will not keep carbonated as long as ones that are traditionally conditioned. It helps to make sure they are not under filled.

I’ll give it a go and report back! Thanks for all of the suggestions!