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Larger. 2nd ferment

I’m planning my 3rd Brew, going to try the Czech pilsner kit. I was reading about the 2nd fermentation which needs to be at 35-40 degrees F. I think this is called Largering?

I wanted to ask if this is ok to do in a spare fridge that I have?

Lagering. Also known as ‘cold conditioning’. Not really a 2nd fermentation, but a finishing of your primary fermentation, cleanup and conditioning. 35-40* is perfect, and yes you can do it in your spare fridge.

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Many thanks.

So, ah, what temp are you going to ferment at? IF you are able to, go look at brulosophy… look at warm fermenting lager yeast… Oh geez, is Pork Chop lurking in the shadows? :fearful: Sneezles61

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Where the heck has @porkchop been? Hope he hasn’t been wasting his time working or something


Nah, I’ve been lurking. You guys have done all the heavy lifting, so not much left for me to do!


Hi Sneezle, I’m currently fermenting around 73F. As this is the tempature for a dark cupboard under my stairs :slight_smile:

I would prefer this to be slightly lower, but as I’m very new to brewing need to think of an alternative.

Are the heating belts and matts any good?

I could use my garage but tempature would probably vary…

@porkchop check out my Pinot noir sour thread next time you’re lurking

Why are you fermenting a lager at that temperature if you have a spare fridge? Turn the temp in the fridge all the way up. I’ll bet it will read above 45. Your lager yeast will be very happy there. Give it 2 weeks and unplug the fridge for a week that should finish fermentation. Then plug it back in for 24 hours then another 48 with the temperature turned down as low as you can. Put your bottles in there also. Then anytime after that you can bottle. After bottling let them warm up to condition after which let them Lager cool or cold. That will give you a nice clear lager. If you steam your beer it will be more ale like at which point just use an ale yeast


Hi brew cat.

Thanks for the advice.

Ok so I checked the fridge. Max temp is 46.F.

So I will put the first stage fermentation in the fridge straight after pitching?

The instructions mention pitching the yeast at 55 - 57.F.
I only have dried yeast.

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If it’s 5 gallon batch use 2 packs. You can always crack the door if it gets to cold.

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Being new to homebrewing, changing the recipe makes me cautions.

Adding 2 packets of yeast won’t have any adverse effects will it? Plus the lower tempature than the instruction?

Most lager yeasts are comfortable fermenting from mid 40s to mid 50s. If your fridge is at 46 a fermenting beer will be a few degrees warmer. If your beer is fermenting at 73 there is a chance you could shock the yeast by dropping it almost 20 degrees but you may not get a very good beer at 73. Certainly not a nice clean lager.

Adding two packs of yeast will not have any negative effects, on the contrary overpitching a little is in your best interest for a lager.


Ok brilliant. I haven’t brewed yet, starting Saturday so I will be sure to pick up an additional yeast pack, and put it straight in the fridge once pitched.

Thanks for the advice guys! Really helpful.

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OK… Turn the fridge on now… Go ahead and brew Saturday… I don’t know how your chilling your wort BEFORE you pitch your yeast… If you don’t have a way or an idea… Put your kettle into that fridge over night… The next morning unplug the fridge pitch your yeast and close the door… DO NOT LOOK AT IT FOR 4 DAYS… Then, check to see how its bubbling along… By then it should have a constant burp every… say 30 seconds? Maybe more? Life is good! Close the door and walk away for another 4 days… You are now getting close to done! This is time to see what the gravity is… Have you a hydrometer? We’ll do some more follow up soon… You’ve enough to digest now! Sneezles61

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Lol thanks Sneezles. I have a wort chiller, so I can now cool quite effiently.

So don’t pitch the yeast until the next day, or am I good because I can properly chill the wort?

I do have a hydrometer, although this will only be my 3rd brew, I already have the brewing bug and have upgraded my setup.

Your good cause you can chill! So do chill, then pitch your yeast, and put into your fridge. Leave the fridge plugged in until you go to bed… The idea is to get the wort cooler than your chiller… You’ll be fine! Follow the 4 day regiment… I know… it will warm up… DON’T WORRY. Your yeast will have a nice slow start and within a few days, will be coming up to low 60"… do not look at it until day 4 though! Sneezles61
Do not put water in the airlock at this time… It will suck it back into your wort… Tin foil will be a good friend… You’ll be producing CO2 shortly.

Ok so don’t put the bung and airlock in at all. Just cover the top in tin foil. Or screw up tin foil and stuff in top of carboy?

Sorry for all the questions, I like to get things just Wright!!

I don’t let my lagers go to 60 degrees I keep the ambiiient temp in the upper 40s which give me a fermentation temp 50-51 that’s where I like to be but to each his own

Hi brew cat.

What the difference In the final results in your opinion?

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