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LaMotte Brewlab water test kit

Does anyone have any experience with these test kits?

I have the water report from the local utility - but they just give averages, and I know there is seasonal variability - especially for chlorine. I thought a test kit like this might be helpful to know whether and how things are changing through the year. This might be something I’d put on my holiday gift wish list.

Bump. MY LHBS started carrying these

I have my own ph tester and my city water puts out there own lab reports (if they are to be trusted) but if I had no idea of my local water profile I would get one of these and share the data with other local brewers. The OP link is for the “plus” and my link is for the basic kit

I’m very glad I don’t have city water. I’d rather use RO and build up.
NOW, with that said, there is one very critical piece of the water that I can check, and I have found, it will vary… pH. I check and adjust every brew day… When we haven’t had much rain, my corrections take very little acid, when it has rained, which it has this past summer, it takes alot to over come the buffering potential. I’m certain the minerals are altered also, but it doesnt have as much effect as the pH, in my eyes. Sneezles61

Our city water is very good and there are a lot of breweries here who rely on it. But if I went to my wife’s hometown I would definitely Reverse Osmosis it.

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