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Lallamand yeast

i pitched the London ale dry yeast made by Lallamand and it started a vigorous fermentation within hours. I have their New England yeast for my next beer an SOS. Anyone use this brand its Austrian I believe.

Seems to me, the first yeast I used was this or Muntons… I’d believe I have some in my collection now… Sounds like yers worked just fine!

I’ve used Lallemand yeast before and I think it made good beer……Munich Classic and Windsor come to mind.

Don’t think I ever seen Munich Classic… Is there a specific name…?

Here you go:

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yesterday I ordered some Mangrove Jack Bavarian Wheat it may be the same strain. Going to give it a shot in a Heffenweizen

I use Llalemond for my Saison, ESB, and NEIPA. Think I have good results. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

well pitched the Lallamand New England yeast yesterday still waiting


Would like to know how this performs.

well it took a day and a half to build up a big krausen but it looks like a healthy fermentation now. it was slow but its at 64 deg so im not surprised. plus it was a pretty rich wort .079.


not sure whats going on with the ESB the yeast London ale yeast took off like gangbusters but sitting at about .030 two weeks in. The New England ale yeast started slow but still has a big krausen at 7 days. Go figure

I have an IPA I pitched with US05 that has what appears to be, a cap of yeast at 10 days. Don’t recall ever seeing that before with this yeast.

It’s not uncommon for English yeast to flocculate prematurely. A little rousing would be fine to see if it drops.

Yeah, it looked okay other than all being on the top. I gave it a jiggle and told it to “wake up!”:joy:

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