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Lagunitas The Down Low Ale 3.9% ABV

I just got a 22 oz bottle for $4.99. Quite good, (if you like Lagunitas IPA, you will like this). It is heavy with citrus-y pine American hop flavor. It blends well with the bitterness. It is a bit more effervescent that their other beers but I am not sure if it really is so, or else I just read that on the label and believed it, but whatever works, right?

Its been in the 90s in NYC and for some reason that is always hotter than any other place in the 90s so I have been enjoying “refreshing” beers, mostly commercial lagers because the price meets the need (1 Liter of Carlsberg on a hot day really, really hits the spot).

Anyway, The Down Low Ale is wroth picking up if you want to drink some hoppy goodness for about $5 and don’t want all 22 ounces to go to your head when you drink it fast.

I shoudl say 20 ounces. It had a huge amount of headspace. That is my only complaint about it and that it does like come in 1 liter cans for $3 like Carlsberg does.

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Its been way too hot up here too! I will go looking today, brew day tomorrow and need a quaffer! Sneezles61

I hit some of my cider when I got off the roof. I bottled it to 3.5 vols. A little over 4% abv. Man was that good. Almost a ginger ale carbonation. This year I may add a touch of ginget

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I read somewhere (that statement should tell you to be wary right away) that 4% abv or less means that the net fluid intake will be greater than the diuretic affect of the alcohol.

So low ABV drinks are basically good for you.

A friend of mine who was in Namibia said that stuff at 2.0% ABV was better than Gatorade after a trek.

Interesting… Sneezles61

Hot, thirsty and dehydrated even bud light tastes good

especially having been on a roof! I really like some you can dump down the gullet just to scrub the parchness away! Sneezles61

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