Lagunitas Brewing

Never heard of 'em? Me, either.
But they sell a 22 oz. bottle of something called Hop Stoopid. at 104 IBU’s, I expected it to singe through my tongue, but was pleasantly surprised. Citrus-y and quite good, with an ABV of 8%(!) it has enough mouthy malt to balance it out.

Try one, if you can find it, and let me know if you agree or if I’m just a schill.


They’re building a new brewery in Chicago, so I imagine you’ll be hearing more. It’s supposed to double their capacity, IIRC.

I quite like their “A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’”, which is a hoppy wheat beer.

Little Sumpin Sumpin will most likely be my beer of the year 2012. It was everywhere this year, coast to coast, and in bottles and tap, and every single one I’ve had has been good.

They make great affordable beer. Love the Wilco Tango Foxtrot (WTF) Tons of maltiness, New Dog Town is a awesome Pale ale, and Brown sugar is a great spin on a Barley Wine. I could go on and on

Maybe when they get up and running in Chicago, I can actually track down Gumballhead in a bottle. I am hoping the demand will shift into Little Sumpin Sumpin or maybe I will shift my demand into it.

[quote=“Taboot”] I can actually track down Gumballhead in a bottle. [/quote] :?: That’s Three Floyds IIRC, not Lagunitas.

I know Lagunitas makes a lot of good beers - I do like Hop Stoopid, but overall, while I appreciate the quality, I just don’t like most of their beers - I think it it may be a yeast thing. I’ve tried a lot of them, and usually walk away saying the same thing.

To each their own.

[quote=“blatz”][quote=“Taboot”] I can actually track down Gumballhead in a bottle. [/quote] :?: That’s Three Floyds IIRC, not Lagunitas.
You do RC. Gumballhead is a similar beer and really hard to track down. Maybe Lagunitas can contract brew it :mrgreen:

Been to the brewery a few times. Not sure if you guys get green flash out there (brewery in San Diego), but they are similar in that whatever style they do you can expect it to be hoppier than usual.

I love GF’s Hop Head Red. Good shiznitt. We get some Lagunitas here, but I haven’t seen Hopstoopid.

Laguanita’s is one of my favorite breweries. HopStoopid is delicious if you can get it fresh. I had a friend in Michigan try it & wouldn’t finish the bottle. The next time we met up I brought a well cared for bottle that was much fresher & didn’t tell him what I was pouring him. Even as a non-hophead he was blown away & couldn’t believe it was the same beer he dumped out. Good news is that their new Chicago brewery should help out the east coasters.

I gotta agree with Blatz on this one. I don’t think I have had anything from Lagunitas that I would ever go out of my way to buy again. Not a fan. First one of theirs I had was hop stoopid and I think I remember dumping most of it out.

Their cappucino stout knocked my socks off.

You must either hate hops or more likely, whoever is taking it out there isn’t taking good care of it along the way.