Lagering in a snowbank

I’d like to get a marzen going to let age into an oktoberfiest. I have no more room. Going to stick the keg in a Snow bank. Anyone done this? Don’t see why it won’t work. Iv got plenty of snow.

Will the snow still be around for a couple of months?

Where I live, snow doesn’t even last 24 hours, lol :slight_smile:

It has been done. Use a wireless indoor/outdoor thermometer for tracking the kegs temperature without digging it out. I got a wireless unit at Cabelas for $10.00.

Into April easy. I will put it under a tarp on the north side of the house and bank it up all around. I could keep it there until a spot opens up.

I have one. That’s a good idea. Worried about freezing. Would that be a problem

I often lager in my garage, as long as temperatures are above about 20-25 F (freezing point of beer).

The outdoor unit should be weather proof. You could put it in a zip lock bag to further protect it from moisture. Freezing should not be a concern. Put new batteries in it though, to make sure the unit sends reliably the entire lagering time.
Or was the freezing concern about the keg. Loose snow has more insulating properties than packed snow. Packed snow will become an ice block. Undisturbed newly fallen snow will keep the ground underneath from freezing. Security against freezing could be provided by insulating the top and sides of the keg from the cold, like a mini tent, while capturing the heat from the ground.

Try a test run with just the outdoor unit buried in the snow to track temperatures for a few days.

I plan on digging down to the ground put the keg on a couple blocks cover with a tarp and bury in snow. Kind of a snow cave. The temp should remain pretty constant. I will try a dry run first.

Past 3 winters I’ve done this as well. I put my carboys in swamp cooler buckets filled with water. The water sometimes freezes, but I’ve bragged in the past that the beer has never frozen… Until my 3rd lager this winter(a Bock). The water froze all the way to the bottom, and my understanding of highschool physics of 40 years ago, the temp. should stay at 32 until that happened. Then it went low enough to start to freeze the beer. No biggie- I covered the top with starsanned foil, and moved the whole thing into the basement where it gradually thawed. It’s now back out in the garage for further lagering. Will this Winter never end?

I’m lagering in the garage now but in a few weeks the weather will start warming so I’m thinking because of all this snow I can extend lagering season. Like the old saying " when God gives you lemons make lemonade"