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Lager Yeast Starter Size

I am going to brew 10 gallons of a czech pils. I have 2 packs of liquid yeast and plan on doing 2 starters. The OG of the recipe is 1.047. If you ask Mr Malty i need to make a 6L starter for both. I was going to start with 2L and Step up to another. The packs are new so viability should be good. Whats the general rule of thumb for starter size. I do a simple starter. I have been following Mr Malty but i feel like Im wasting to much DME on these things.



By time you brew a 6 liter starter you might as well brew a beer. Just brew a three gallon batch and you will have enough yeast for your 10. Or use the two vials in a 5 and have more than enough. By time you step up starters you can ferment a beer

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I like to use this starter calculator. Starter calculators just give an estimate but I use them for a little better confidence in what I did and my notes tell me what happened.

If your packs of yeast don’t have the same production date each starter may need to be different volumes.

Step up to a 6L to split between 2 5gal batches sounds about right. That’s only about a 1 1/2 gals. Sure you could just brew a small batch but then you have to wait a month to brew your 10 gal.

I stopped buying 2 packs of yeast when making starters. Isn’t worth it in the long run. If you size your starters right you’ll get enough yeast from 1 pack.

Not necessarily. Do a secondary and you can get the yeast in about a week. One of the few times I would secondary. And you get the benefit of an extra beer

I’ll be the odd one out… Do a starter, and plan your brew for 12 to 18 hours afterwards. You pitch at high Krause, or there abouts, it will take off and do well. I haven’t done much lagers, but it was a process I did and all was fine. Sneezles61

That calculator is awesome. Makes more sense than the rest of them!!! Thanks for the link!!

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