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Lager in the bottle?

I was wondering if it’s ok to lager a beer after bottled? Meaning I would ferment in the proper temp range (Saflager W-34/70 48-59F) raise for a d-rest (if necessary… is it necessary with this yeast?) for a few days, then bottle and store the bottles in 40-50F range for a month or 2.


On second thought… I guess the yeast would need slightly warmer temps to carb up. So what if bottling happened around the time of the d-rest… bottles sit at about 65-70 for 2 weeks. Then put them in a fridge to lager for 4-8weeks? Would that work?

Yes, that will work.

Sweet! Thanks. Just so I’m 100% clear on this. The process would be…

-Pitch yeast and ferment at lager temps (50ish)-
-Raise temp for d-rest let sit for 2-3 days
-Bottle and let sit at room temp for 2 weeks or so
-Store bottles at lager temps (35-40ish) for 4-8weeks

Also does that yeast W-34/70 usually need a d-rest?

I would do the d-rest just to make sure the beer is fully attenuated, then cold-crash to drop the sediment, and then bottle.

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