Lager Hops Schedule

There was a short discussion in another thread, that I can’t seem to locate, regarding hops schedules for more traditional german lagers.

I’ve been doing a bittering hops addition and then a later flavor/aroma hops addition. For example my most recent Vienna Lager was bittered with German Magnum and then got hallertau for 15 mins.

In the above referenced thread someone stated that they felt a 60 minute addition of noble hops was all you needed for most traditional german lagers, saying that the flavor would shine through even after a 60 or even 90 minute boil.

I’m planning to brew another batch of Vienna soon and am considering just a 90 or 60 minute addition.


I made two Vienna’s and two Helles’ this year. The Vienna’s only used a 60-minute addition of a noble hop (I used Tett.).

Both the Vienna batches turned out “to style” and yes, a hop flavor did come thru. Keep in mind, though, that my recipe is a SMaSH, using only Vienna malt, so maybe the hops didn’t have many other flavor competitors.

Vienna to me is about ‘toasty malt.’ The job of the hops is to keep the beer from being cloying and to make it more quaffable. That being said, I was able to enjoy the spiciness of Tettnanger even after 60 minutes of a hard boil.

On a tangent: I have discontinued boiling for 90 minutes, as I think it’s a waste of propane and time. I haven’t had any DMS problems since. I boil very hard, though.

Please update us on whatever outcome you have with your Vienna. One of my favorite styles and I’m curious what you’ll discover.

How about splitting a batch 2 or 3 ways, and use some of your favs different ways to fit your taste. One way to narrow down. Just my first thought Danny.

Made a rye pils yesterday. 1 oz. Hallertauer Hersbrucker FWH, .7 oz. Magnum for bittering, 1 oz. Hall. Hers. at 0. Total of about 42 IBU in a 1.052 beer.

I think beermebeavis hit this. If it is a simple recipe, like most German lagers are, the small remaining character from the bittering hops is able to come through because there isn’t anything covering it up. I’ve made lagers with only bittering hops that have come out great, but I’ll typically put a small flavor hop addition in at 10 to 20 minutes if I want a stronger hop presence.

The last couple of really light lagers I’ve brewed (a Munich Helles and an adjunct light lager) both used just bittering hops, and they were both good beers.