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Lager Fridge (wine chiller)

I want to purchase a wine chiller to use as a fridge for lagering. I want something that I can put a fermentation bucket in with an airlock. So, basically, need something that is about 13-14 inches square and about 26 inches tall on the inside. Something the wine racks come out of. Something that a bucket can sit it (compressor hump not getting in the way.)

I don’t need it for “lagering” as I have a keg fridge - this would just really be for primary lager fermentation in the 48-50 degree range. I like that the wine chillers can be set at a certain temperature.

Anyone have a fridge like this? What kind/model? The ones I have looked at will not really fit a bucket.

Also would consider a small chest freezer if I could find one that would fit 2 fermentation buckets - but, they all seem to have the compressor area that limits how many buckets you could get in them. Don’t want a bigger chest freezer - just something small.

Any models that others use that are particularly suited for this?

Will you be using it for wine too? If so, pulling the wine can’t be good for the wine.

FWIW, I have a 8.8cf freezer for my kegs that really isn’t that big. Its footprint is 41inches by 23 inches. It holds 4 kegs in the main chamber and I keep the CO2 tank on the hump…plus, I can store bottled beer on the hump too. They are under $300 new and work very well.

i use my beer fridge for lagering as I can set it’s temp in the 50s without need for a separate controller.


I use a small 7ft chest freezer I got for $200 at Lowes. Slap a temp controller on it and it works great. Holds two cornies and a bucket or carboy, without needing a keezer collar. Would easily hold two buckets/carboys as well. I like that I can use it simultaneously as a ferm chamber and serving fridge, 50F is a nice temp for an ale. ... facetInfo=

Not going to use it for wine - just primary fermentation of lagers. That freezer from Lowes looks like a possibility. I really only need something for one fermenter, that is why I thought the wine chiller with its temp control would be ideal if I could find one that would work.

One fermentor is never enough. Get one large enough to ferment at least two lagers. them bad-boys taste sooooo good, and take so long that you finish one well before the next is ready, that you just need to have more than one going at a time. Trust your old uncle bob on this one.

TBH, I’ve got two lagers fermenting now and I know that’s not enough.


The chest freezers are the most efficient - they don’t lose the cold air as much when opened. Mine is about 4 feet by 2.5 feet interior foot print and I can get two fermenters and 2-3 kegs in there!

The main problem with a wine chiller is they are meant to be sold to snooty wine people and are priced accordingly. A modest size freezer at Lowes or Home Depot and a seperate controller will give you more room, which may come in real handy in the future, and cost the same or less if you catch a good sale.

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