Lady Brewers

Any other ladies in the group?

Beer brewing is definitely a male dominated profession/hobby, but I love it. Been brewing along side my husband for six years now. Tackled my first solo brew about four years ago. Other couples go to museums, we brew beer.

I figure there can’t be that many women- every time I walk into a local brew supply store to get something, its assumed that I’m lost and need directions and the guys at the shop where I fill the CO2 tank couldn’t believe I was the one coming in with beer equipment.

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That’s funny! When I visit stores (they’re all far away so I mostly shop online) I drag my wife in and she hates it but I feel like I’m in a toy store! I started brewing beer after Christmas but a year prior I began a mead and a cider. Everyone else I’ve met who brews is male also, it’s nice to know we’re not alone.

I’m sorry you have to deal with that kind of crap. I’m a dude, but well aware that the beer community is epically diverse. Maybe I’m lucky because at my LHBS, one of the employees is a woman. Tons of pro brewers that are female as well. Heck, Aisha Tyler is an avid homebrewer. The sooner people get used to the fact that beer people aren’t all thirty year old white dudes with beards and tattoos of mash paddles on their forearm, the better. Welcome to the forum. We’re a friendly lot…

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Maybe it’s time to find a new homebrew shop.
I was in my local (Bader in Vancouver, WA) a few days ago to get stuff for my next brew and a lady walked in looking to find out about making cider and she was treated like she belonged there.

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My wife and I brew together. She’s actually the more process-focused one, while I’m the more recipe-focused one, which I think goes against stereotype. She’s also the one who wanted to move from extract to all-grain.

I do see, when we go to home and craft brew and related activities, most contact is directed toward me first. Once she speaks up though, people understand she knows her stuff, and engage with her just fine. All I can say to women who want to be involved is don’t let a little pigheadedness stop you. I can only hope the treatment gets better over time.

We had a lady moderator here for years. She has moved on but it will give you an idea of the attitude here. Enjoy! You are another welcome addition to the knowledge base.

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