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Lack of heading on multiple brews

Two recent porters brewed consecutively will not form a staying head in the glass. Thought perhaps I made a mistake with the priming sugar and some of the porters not sampled yet of the first brew will be over carbonated from poor mixing of the priming solution. I used Domino Dots to prime the second porter. Still no staying head on this porter. A couple of puffs with a straw in the glass will form a tall head. The head will gradually reduce to 1/8".

I noticed white streaks inside the carboys when preparing for the next two brews. Rinsed the carboys again with water that is about 80°F. Haven’t sampled either of these yet. Still need at least another week of bottle conditioning time.

I suspect the white streaks in the carboys is residue from the Powdered Brewery Wash. Might not be rinsing well without the use of very hot rinse water. Since I’ve never had the problem before I suspect a change in my well water this Spring. I’m working off a 2014 Wards’ water report. Total hardness may have increased changing the performance of the PBW. Residue is most likely not from using too much PBW. I use about a third of the recommended strength. I just need to loosen the krausen ring because I always plan to to use the brush anyway.

This prompted the switch to Alkaline Brewery Wash which supposedly rinses well with cool to just warm water. I have two fermentors in the racks that are dry inside and not showing any signs of visible residue. Have another that has had the ABW solution in it for two days. Maybe time makes a difference. I’ll brush and rinse this one tonight.

The Speckled Heifer will be the next brew. Rinse the fermentor before sanitizing as I always do and hope for the best. Pale beer like the SH needs a tall head and good lacing all the way down until the glass is empty.

We switched soaps and went from power to liquid in our dishwasher and I think I’m getting better head retention as a result.

Glassware can make a difference, I find myself just rinsing my beer glass with tap water after use and air drying it.
Many things can affect head formation and retention: The Secrets to Better Beer Foam - American Homebrewers Association

My Brother in law has spent some time over seas, he noticed at the German pubs, the usual locals have what appears to be like a locker located near the entry area. They will put their own beer mugs in there after a quick and simple rinse… No more, no less.
So it begs to ask the question, how many years have they been drinking from a mug without ever washing it in soapy, hot water? Sneezles61

Finally got around to cleaning the fermentor that held the Alkaline Brewery Wash solution for three days. I didn’t have too much of a krausen ring but I expected the typical brownish solution. The ABW solution was crystal clear. Had a slight chinook aroma though. No ABW residue visible in the other two cleaned and dried fermentors. Perhaps this will take care of the heading problem.

Back to brewing the next rain day this coming Tuesday.

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When I started brewing I looked through my Dad’s old brew gear/supplies from the 80’s and found a little bottle of head retention promoter. I cannot find anything like it online today. Maybe the stuff was dangerous. I asked my Dad about it and he called it soap in jest.

Powdered wheat… Sneezles61

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