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Lab equipment - great experience

I just ordered some lab equipment for yeast harvesting and had a wonderful experience with Scientific Equipment of Houston - I wanted some bigger-than-normal tubes (25mm x 150mm), and I ordered a 25mm test tube rack. Well, a 25mm test tube doesn’t fit in a 25mm test tube rack - my ignorance. I sent them a “this won’t work, how do I return it” e-mail. In 37 minutes time, I got a “you need a 30mm rack” … a “we just shipped you a new 30mm rack” … and a final “don’t worry about the 25mm rack; it’ll cost you more in shipping than it’s worth” e-mail. I chose their lab equipment because of the unmatched selection and price, and I’ll certainly go back to them based on this customer service. I’m hoping to spread the word - maybe you’ll find something you’ve been looking for from them, too.

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Your link is strange … it takes me to

It should be their Amazon storefront - did it not take you there?

When I click on the link I get a list of Top Seller books at Amazon. But, the Scientific Equipment of Houston links are at the top.

OK, my bad. Here at work where I don’t use Amazon, I see it clearly. At home, it was cluttered with all the recent stuff I either bought or looked at. Good prices on their products.

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