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La fin du monde; unibroue

This is certainly one of my favorite commercial brews and I am looking for recipe suggestions to clone this; how close is the Belgian tripel kit and should I consider any spices in addition. Thanks

A tripel kit might get you close, but how close, I’m not sure. Anyway, I did a little research because I’m curious about this as well. I had not seen a clone recipe for this in quite some time. But then I found a thread that might help. See here:


One comment I have for whichever recipe you choose: coriander is very strong stuff. 2 teaspoons is probably WAY too much. I’d go easy on it and only try like 1/2 teaspoon. That should be plenty.

I also discovered that the actual Unibroue yeast is available commercially, although I believe it is a limited release or seasonal so you might have to wait for it: Wyeast 3864. However I bet either WLP530 or WLP500 would work great for this beer as well.

That should help, eh? Best of luck to you in your endeavors. I might have to brew this up myself sometime soon. :cheers:

Another apocalypse beer from me! This looks like a good thread to put it in, after all “la fin du monde” means “end of the world” in French. I made Mayan Apocalypse last two winters, which was a heavy and dark beer. Dutch Apocalypse will be thick bodied, but pale. By Dutch Apocalypse, think of broken dikes, broken windmills, and flooded polders. The closest style would be Belgian Tripel.

6 gallons:
1/2 # Victory malt
1/2 # Honey malt
1/2 # Crystal 10L
1/2 # CaraPils
4 # oat malt
1 # flaked oats
2 # wheat malt
4 # Pale Ale malt
4 # 6-row malt

expected SG = 1.078 – color around 11 SRM.

PS: If you know any good Dutch jokes, bring 'em! I’m part Dutch.

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