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Kveik. Condition

Been using kveik now for 2 years i think. And love it perfect for the climate i do live in. But one thing i did notice. It ferments real. Fast. But takes much longer. To condition. My brew buddy dont mind a hazy beer. But me like it clear.

Which strains are you using? The Oslo strain flocs pretty well.
There are 2 that I haven’t tried Lutra is supposed to be a heavy floccer

Kvieik oyl061. And. Hornidal

Try the Lutra. Hornidal is several yeast mixed together so over time it loses it’s mix and one becomes dominant. The Lutra is a single strain isolated from the Hornidal

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Hmm that’s odd i use Oyl061 a lot and never had that problem. The Flocculation is high so it drops fast and occasionally stalled but a gentle shake and always finishes.

Dont know why. I know kveik done real fast. After 4 days take a sample. Than at day 6 a other. Leave it be for. 8 to days. Before i. Transfer and dry hop for example. After 21 day. I do keg. But lately. After. Carbobation. I pour a pint. Its not as clear. As i would like. Taste good. Carbonation there. Nice foam. But still

Is it chill haze. Does it clear up the when warm? Another question way 21 days

Dont know just took 21 days. Thats from grain to keg . It could be chiĺl haze

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