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Krausen stuck to the top

I am two weeks away from bottling. But I have noticed something that is bothering and starting to worry me. The top of my Carboy still holds the krausen that was left behind from a heavy fermintation.

My question is…how does one avoid not getting this white nasty stuff in their beer when they transfer it to the bottling bucket? I am pretty sure this stuff could fall in during the process.

If you’re talking about floating stuff; It will fall to the bottom on it’s own.

If you’re talking about the dried gunk on the sides, don’t worry, it’s on there pretty good. You won’t knock it in moving the carboy, and as long as you’re not poking at it with the racking cane, the cane won’t knock it in either.

If there’s some floaty stuff, you can just rock the carboy very gently to help it fall a few days before bottling.

I’ve done five batches now, and I’ve had the krausen gunk stuck to the top of the fermenter every time. Never had any problems with it getting into my beer while racking or bottling. Like someone already said, it’s stuck on there good. The bigger problem is getting it off after you’ve emptied the carboy. Better get yourself some PBW if you don’t have it already. That stuff works wonders.

Yea…stuck to the top…not floating. Thanks for the responses!

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