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Krausen Longevity

What’s the longest you’ve seen a Krausen last on an ale?

I’ve got one that I pitched last Saturday night. It started blowing off Monday morning. Friday night the krausen started showing very small signs of subsiding. OG 1.054. Used Wyeast 1469. First time using this yeast. Also used a stir plate for the first time. Temp rose to ~70 during the first couple days and has been ~67 since.

I’m not worried. Just curious. Actually I think it’s pretty cool.

IIRC 1469 is supposed to be a good top-cropping strain, in which case the krausen may never fall (without cold crashing). That isn’t uncommon for some British ale strains.

Interesting. I’m thinking if the krausen doesn’t fall, the clarity of the beer would be affected.

I too have 1469 going now in an english pale and was thinking the same. At max, the krausen was approx about 4 inches thick. Now, at day 8, very little bubble activity and still a full inch of krausen. It’s the first time I’ve use 1469 and must admit it has caught me a bit off guard.


1469 produces the clearest beers I make. I don’t cold crash, but I have racked with some krausen lingering. I stop the siphon before it sucks any krausen down.

Good to hear. How long do you typically leave it in primary before racking?

Good to hear. How long do you typically leave it in primary before racking?[/quote]
I use this most often in bitters, so I usually skip a secondary and bottle after 14 days or so.

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