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Krausen didnt settle

I’ve got an Irish red been in the fermentor 17days fermentation has been over awhile and theres a crust ontop of the beer, this is the first beer I’ve done that calls for time in the secondary. This was a northern extract kit and I used 05 by mistake, should i just relax?

Just let it ride out for three weeks at least and then rack if you want to. It doesn’t really matter if you do or don’t but you can always rack while there is still a bit of krausen on top, sometimes they are stubborn.

Give it a swirl, sometimes krausen material will capture some CO2 bubble and stay floating. Once you knock some of the gas out from under, the stuff settles fairly quickly.

Not sure why you’d need to secondary an Irish red ale, I think I’d bottle.

Ok thanks guys, I’m not sure either Tom it may have something to do with the yeast suggested, I pitched the 05 by mistake, I’ll swirl it and plan on bottling this weekend

Well i just tried to stir it and took a sample and i think i’ve got a spoiled batch what i thought was krausen was real rubbery almost like fungi. The sample was chunky and tasted sour, i musta got some raw water in it or something this batch was different, it was a full boil i used irish moss for the first time and pitched the wrong yeast.

Frementation tempsstayed low 70’s and was steady for 4 days.

I’m usually pretty anal about sanitation but i used an imerrsion chiller for the first time and may have had a leak.

Sorry to hear about that. Infections do happen now and again, I find I get more when I’m opening the lid to look a lot. As hard as it is, I really try and minimize the number of times I’ll open a bucket lid.

Review your process and make sure you are sanitizing everything, thats about all you can do.

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