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Krausen affected by lactose or ground up coffee beans?

I have a curious looking fermentation going on in an espresso milk stout…there pretty much a complete absence of krausen…but everything under surface looks like a regular roaring ale fermentation…is this typical?

I threw an ounce of coffee beans in the mill with the grains…and mashed them all together. This morning the surface looks like the surface of a freshly poured soda/cider fermentation…so weird.

My .02 cents would be oils from the coffee beans…
however I’ve never brewed with coffee, as that is one flavor profile in beer I personally have never liked. Love coffee, love beer, just not together.

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Im hoping this doesnt transfer to the head having capability after its kegged. I didnt know what to brew so lhbs guy said how about this…so i accepted the challenge :grinning:

Yes, I think Voodoo is on it… I wanted to go to a water tension on the surface, but couldn’t think what would cause it… Now I feel its clear… coffee beans… So are you up to .04 cents now? Sneezles61

I didnt need your two cents minnesnowtan :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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My .02 is withdrawn … I might need an extra penny for suffering rejection… :grin: Sneezles61
Now I’m drinking heavily…:sleeping:

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I gift you one of voodoos pennies :money_mouth_face:

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