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Kostritzer Schwarzbier

Had a Kostritzer Schwarzbier on tap at a little doner bistro today. Man what a great beer! I think this is the Schwarzbier I drank right after I started brewing that made me think about trying to brew a lager. Malty but smooth and clean with just the right amount of bittering to keep all the roasty malt in check.

The Warsteiner Pilsner was pretty good too.

I, too, have worshiped at that altar – although I haven’t had the chance to try it on tap, I had the bottled version for the first time earlier this summer. I’ve since brewed Jamil’s recipe from BCS (the more traditional one), which is lagering now until it goes online in November. So far, so good.

I think I’ve pretty well decided that one of my taps will always be rotating through the various German lagers. I have yet to run into one that I don’t like, although I’ve not yet tried a rauchbier.

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