So, I ordered two OYL-004 to go with my latest two DIPA recipes and accidentally received OYL-044, which our hosts have graciously rectified. However, now I have two packs of OYL-044 Kolsch II and would like to use them rather than just leave them in the fridge. I’ve never attempted to brew a Kolsch, so I thought I would ask if anyone has any recipe guidance for me they’d be willing to share? I know it’s a challenging style, as the really good ones I’ve had have been in Cologne and most of the local varieties I have tried have been decent to underwhelming. I do have my freezementor set up finally so temp control is no longer an issue.



These are 2 I’ve made. The spelt gives it a nice flavor. I got these recipes from BYOB magazine.

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Isn’t a typical, old fashioned Kolsch base malt 6 parts to 1 part wheat? Noble hops… Very bubbly. Simple by ingredients and shouldn’t kick yer… backside. (:
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I brewed a kolsch that was quite good. It was 87% pilsner, 11% vienna, and 2% acid malt. Used Hallertau M for 23 IBU’s and used Wyeast 2565. Mashed at 150F and fermented at 50F and did a diacetyl rest. Turned out really good and was clear as a bell. I would make a very healthy starter for this type of beer because, in my experience, I find kolsch yeast to be finicky and unforgiving - I learned my lesson on the second kolsch I made, which wasn’t nearly as good.


I was under the impression that a Kolsch was simple, low ABV brew. Perhaps even a warm fermented Ale to give more character…

I’ve done the same recipe twice. One was great and the other one was subpar. The only difference was the yeast - the good one with fresh yeast and a starter; the other with two packs of almost expired yeast with no starter. Day and night difference.

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Actually going to the Cape this week and will try the Handline Kolsh at Devils Purse. Just down the road from where we camp in the RV. Ive had their Oyster Stout and modeled mine from it.

I’ve heard good stuff about their Kolsch. The article says its available in CT but I haven’t seen it.

The recipe is in the article. I’ve not brewed it personally


Be careful Brew Cat! A shark is not cat friendly! (:
I’ve been enjoying Kolsch’s this spring/summer.

I never go in the water. Seals everywhere, shark bait

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Most cats aren’t happy in the water…


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This intriguing. It worked well at that low of a temp?

Yeah it did ok. We’re you thinking something more in the ale temp range for that strain?

I’ve personally never fermented my Kolsch strains that low, sticking to the ale temps. I’m glad it worked for you as I’ve read horror stories from using the yeast too cool. A check of Wyeast shows a low temp of 55°.

Interesting on the low temp of 55F. I didn’t know that. My notes might be spotty as well as my process as I very well could have done it “correctly by mistake” on my first batch. In addition, this might be consistent with my wife’s complaint that I don’t read instructions, but we don’t have time to get into her list of critiques of me…


There will always be critics…. (:

I believe as a hybrid you could prob get away with 50°. And you said wife vs ex so it can’t be that bad! :joy: