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Kolsch recipe

Hello all,

Was wondering if anyone out there would have a good kolsch recipe
peferably one using ale yeast and. Wanna Do a Double brew this weekend RED Ale and hopefully a good KOLSCH

80% efficiency

Pilsner Malt 6.75lb
Wheat Malt 10oz
Acid Malt 3oz

Halletauer FWH 14 ibu
Tettnang 14g 20 min 4.3ibu

Wyeast Kölsch

Mash Schedule

147F ~ 90 minutes

OG: 1.044
FG: 1.009

Ferment 62F - 64F for 10-14 days and lager around freezing for 4 weeks.

Perfect Koln Kolsch!

I live in Ottawa and one of the best breweries in Ontario is just a few Km down the road.

Their flagship beer is a kolch, and it is pretty straight foreward as most are.

90% German Pilsner Malt
10% Wheat.

All grains are organic there.

All Hops are german Haletaur varieties. The 14 IBUs from the other post seems fine. Basically any german or bohemian noble strain would be fine.

I know at Beaus they do a small addition of lower alpha Hallertaur at flame out as well.

They also do a fairly high one step mash (I think about 70-71 celcius - 90min) It has great mouth feel and ends with a ABV of 5.2

They use the White Labs Kolch yeast

That above recipe I posted has 18ibus. 14 from fWH and 4 from the 20 minute addition.

A true Koln Kolsch is on the drier side, so that low mash temp helps get you there.

If you’re looking for something little maltier, you can add munich malt and go the munich helles route.

The above recipe is a very easy drinking beer that I spent many many days and nights drinking while living in Koln.

I did one that had 100% Kolsch malt and turned out awesome! Northern Brewer’s recipes are also spot on and they also have an un-Kolsch (or something named like that) that is a Kolsch with more hop flavor. Whatever you do use the Kolsch yeast and use a blowoff tube. Ferment around 60*.


I’ve tried a kolsch recipe that I got from majorvices I believe that uses 3oz of Crystal hops @ 2.8% as a FWH addition in a 1.047 5 gallon batch with a 90 minute boil. The calculated IBUs range anywhere from 18-30s depending on how you calculate it but the beer itself seems like a 30 IBU beer. Maybe I’m confusing the bitterness with hop flavor…it’s almost pithy grapefruit, which could be the US Crystal. majorvices did mention it is an Americanized kolsch but I’m not sure if he brews his this way anymore. Does the FWH really bring out the flavor for your kolsch? As my 3 oz are the only addition in my beer, I’m wondering how I can adjust my hop schedule. Yours looks like a good possibility. While I think my beer could grow on me, it’s not what I expected, for some reason. It also didn’t clear (non-yeast haze) so I’ve got some tweaking to do (97% Weyerman BoPils or GerPils with 3% acid malt).

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