Kolsch Carb Question

I did the 3 gal Kolsch kit and was wondering how much sugar to use to prime?? Would it be safe to assume 5oz = 5gal soooo 3oz=3gal??


Probably so, but i’ve read that its more so a measurement of weight, not volume.
I typically use volume measurements in the 5 gallon batch and it turns out fine,
never really done the comparison of it though, but I would assume an ounce per gallon.

I too only measure by volume. Use about 6 tablespoons of cane sugar or 7.25 tablespoons corn sugar and you’ll be happy. I guarantee it.

I think you are looking for this:


Man… that is cool. I like that.

If you venture out of kit brewing, a kitchen scale is needed to measure out grain and hops. At most big box stores you can find a scale for $30-$50.

It’s also helpful if you want to portion control snack to take to work.

I recommend one that measures in metric also.

I do a lot of my “own” recipes and do have a digital scale. It has been a great investment!!