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Kola Nut

I got some Kola Nut from a spice store. It’s is pretty earthy and not that much like the Coca-cola it helped make famous.
I’m planning a Kola Lychee Saison. I only have 2 oz of Kola so I’m not sure if it will be that noticeable in a 5 gallon batch.
I was going to make a cold brew tincture, filter out the components, add the water part of the tincture at 5 mins and the remaining nut material at 10 min.

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Other than adding caffeine to your brew I’m not sure what flavors it will add to your brew. Kola nuts have a aroma alot like Rose’s. Boiling is the way the caffeine is extracted from the nut and is used in herbal tea’s. Not sure few ounces will add much noticeable aromas or flavor.

I guess I’ll see with the tea first. The taste of the nut isn’t bad. The spice store I went too had hundreds of spices I’ve never heard of. It was a bit like being in a Harry Potter book. I’m feeling a bit inspired by the Buhner “Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers” book.

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