Killer Yeast Strains

I’m starting this thread as a place to assemble knowledge of killer yeast strains.

"Killer yeast strains secrete protein toxins that are lethal to non-killer strains, and other types of killer strains belonging to the same yeast species. They also can kill other yeast species [1,2]. Each killer yeast is immune to its own toxin and also to the toxins produced by other yeast strains with the same type of killer phenotype [3]. "

So far it seems Lalvin K1-V116 is readily available at most suppliers.

There is an interesting thread here…

According Milk the Funk no killer strains kill Brett.

Very technical/difficult reading to a left handed hippy like me…
I’m not following whats presented… Kills other yeasts’ type virus… OR its so good it cleans up everything because of its makeup?
The first article is so over my head… I couldn’t decipher its message… The second one, towards the end, the posters are looking for how to get their hands on it…
Squeegee, you’ll need to do a translation as to this… I don’t know if I should let my yeast out to play or held secure… Sneezles61

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Indeed some yeasts do not play well with others. The killer yeasts give off proteins (?) that actually hurt the membranes of competing yeast eventually killing them. These strains also inhibit malolactic bacteria. The yeasts I’ve shown are primarily used for wines. There is an OG study from 1975 that found 5 killer ale strains but I haven’t found out what those are yet.
I have been mixing and combining strains. Knowing about these killer strains might be useful in layering yeast profiles.

Knowing appropriate times during the fermentation… You’d be quite busy! Someone has to do this… I’d nominate… You!
I’d be afraid of a contamination that’d spread world wide with my luck… I’ll be keeping an eye to this post… see where it leads… Thank you . Sneezles61

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