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Kettle souring with Goodbelly question?

Hello I am having trouble finding mango flavor Goodbelly drink all I can find mostly is Banana strawberry, an Blueberry Acai. Can I use the Blueberry Açaí to kettle sour or would there be a flavor carry over from using Blueberry Acai or the Banana strawberry?

I’ve actually made a ice blueberry flavored hose just using blueberry goodbelly. Try to find plain

I use the mango Good belly and haven’t noticed a carryover of taste. It will be fermented and blown out.

I put two whole cans of mangos in my fermenter too early and it got blown out. I doubt any flavor of Goodbelly would carry over from a kettle sour.

I disagree the blueberry flavor definitely came through. Granted I used a quart

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I wonder if the blueberry is stronger or uses a flavoring agent. I too used a qt and couldn’t tell.

Some fruit flavors are definitely more pernicious

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