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Kettle souring question?

Hello I am looking into doing my first Kettle sour using my Brewer’s Edge Mash&Boil unit. Well I am worried that the extra headspace would cause an issue because I only brew 3gal BIAB batch’s I am warning to brew a 3gal BIAB Berliner wise but I don’t know With the Mash&Boil being 7.5gal an I just kettle souring a 3gal batch that the large amount of headspace would present a problem during souring?

It will sour without a lid and nothing but the infinite universe above it. I wouldn’t worry about headspace during this part.

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If your worried you could lay some foil on top not sure it makes any difference though

Do you keg? If so blow a blanket of CO2 on the wort as it sours and prevent as much O2 exposure as possible.

Oh I assumed @Hardbrewer123 was souring his grains. Here’s a nice article on spring wort along with a hidden link to a previous failed attempt.

You have a link for everything. Amazing. Do you have a catalog of links in your head?

Let me check…

“Except, as I’m wont to do, I didn’t necessarily follow his precise process” I like that part, sounds like me. I always sour with goodbelly but I may give this a try. I need to get a new pH meter with the goodbelly I don’t need to take a reading anymore

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