Kettle souring purge

I asked a question earlier about kettle souring using helium to purge the O2. I’m out on that idea, but somewhere I read that you could cover the top of the wort with plastic wrap to keep oxygen out. I’m assuming by laying sanitized wrap directly on top of the liquid during souring, before the boil… Does that seem doable? Keep in mind I don’t have a CO2 setup. Heck, there’s not anybody within 100 miles that can fill a CO2 bottle. Thanks in advance!

That will work. I actually use aluminum foil. Easier to work with. Sanitze

Thanks! I might go the foil route.

I didn’t realize you were purging because of a kettle souring. I really wouldn’t worry about it. If you want to use a standard pickling trick you can fill a bag with water and place that on top. This becomes a weighted “follower”

Awesome, thanks!

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Doesn’t take that much water just enough to squeeze, displace and fill the surface area.
Spray some mixed Stan San on the outside of the bag

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What kind of bag? ZIplock?

A ziplock would work or a kitchen trash bag if the kettle is large