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Kettle souring out door?

Hello I brew out doors like a lot of brewer’s do. So my question is it ok to kettle sour in your kettle outside for a fews day’s without causing a problem?

As long as you can hold the temperature in the kettle

Well I be doing kettle souring during the summer an I would be use Omaga laco for my souring which can sour at 100f to room temp.

Couple days shouldn’t be necessary with that blend at room temp. Make a starter to get more cells and it should be sour in 12 hours or so. Or pitch goodbelly, which has the same strain of lacto that will be active at room temperature in the omega blend. But yeah, it’ll be fine outdoors as long as you don’t have deer or bears or something that’ll knock over your kettle. Pitch at 100°F and let it free-fall to 70°F, done overnight.

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