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Kettle sour recipe

Hey y’all. I am thinking of trying my hand at a sour. I looked on YouTube, and tried doing a little reading. However, I can’t find a simple recipe, and steps for trying a sour.

I would like to kettle sour. I have the standard 10 gal mash tun and HOT, with 15 gallon brew kettle set up.

Any suggestions?

I have yet to make one but give it a little while and you will be getting lots of help. I am also interested. In the mean time try a search here. Probably get some info to start with.

Personally I like the gose style. I start with a simple weissbier and add fruit and salt to a secondary. A straight up weissbier is about as simple as you could get. Google Berliner Weis

Didn’t Northern brewers resident sour king, Pork Chop explain this? Perhaps Mark and Flars could get that piece of info and start a category with PC’s steps to souring… Very simple, straight forth, easy to follow… Then the conversation continues below it… Sneezles61

I’m a sour chicken so I kettle sour with a boil. Here’s how I do mine after the sparge:

  1. boil 30 mins
  2. chill to about 100°
  3. pitch a carton of Goodbelly juice
  4. insulate the BK and allow to sour
  5. check on it every 3-4 hours and bring temp back to around 100°
  6. after at least 24 hours ( I usually wait 28) finish boil

Make sure you have a healthy amount of yeast to pitch. The reduced pH requires a larger amount.

I do similar but I only boil 15min cool to 110 and add 1/4 lactic acid. Then add good belly and cover then wrap with blankets and forget about it for 24 hours. Then do your boil. Pretty easy really PC guided me also.

If you can get the plain good belly might be better for a Berliner Weis. I generally make a gose so I’ll use a flavor close to the fruit I’m adding. Probably only need less than half the carton

@brew_cat I forgot about adding lactic and covering with Saran Wrap… good catch!

I have our hosts duchesse de bourgogne flanders red clone in the fermentor now, and I’ve used PC’s method for a gose -the two methods are basically the same except the kit uses the omega lacto whereas the PC version (pun intended) uses goodbelly. I got good results with both. 24 hours for the kettle sour is plenty of sour for me. It’s really easy, don’t be afraid to try it. Once the souring is done, you’re back to a standard brew method.



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BYO, a few years ago, had a clone recipe for Salty Kiss. It is a gose using gooseberries. If I remember it uses acidualated malt.

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