Kenmore Keezer fail please help!

Just bought a 1.5 Y/O, 4 tap keezer from a craigslist ad. The Keezer has a collar attached to the lid of a 14.8 kenmore freezer. The freezer is unfortunately broken. Can I purchase a different brand “Frigidaire” but same size freezer and be good to go with this set up? Thanks everyone for helping a nubi.

As long as the dimensions where the collar fits are the same I don’t see any problem with it.

If it’s 1.5 Y/O and broken, I would want to know why it broke. Have you checked it out with an AC guy yet? It’s possible to set up the temp controller in such a way that it really thrashes the compressor, so I would look at that, too.

well the guy we bought it from had an AC guy out who added freon, but soon after that it lost cooling from the bottom so he wasn’t getting a good temp… Maybe it was because he turned it off, ive seen some cooling issues with turning it off then back on? were thinking of just getting a new unit since this thing is brand new to us?

Sounds like a leaking coil, but I’m no AC guy. If that’s the only problem, it might be cheaper to fix it than to buy a new one, which will run maybe $400.

Thanks… were leaning on purchasing a new one just because we want this thing in prime working condition for our own brew… So now were hoping that the collar that was attached to a Kenmore lid will fit right on a Frigidaire unit.

It’s possible that it’ll fit, but pay close attention to how and where the collar is attached to the body, especially if that handle in the middle of the collar is how you open the top (the hinges will need to be moved) rather than lifting the freezer lid off the top of the collar.