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Kegs with sankey valve question

I have watched many videos online of people removing the ring that holds the valve in place using a screw driver. Seems to work ok. While looking online for commercial kegs I came a across a valve removal tool and a ring removal knife. Has anyone used these tools before? Are they worth the investment?

I have never owned a pair but if you remove and instal snap rings a lot a pair of snap ring pliers would be worth the investment. If you are removing the Sanke valve and never replacing it, for example making the keg into a brew kettle then fumbling around with a screwdriver would be the way to go for free.

Are you planning to use commercial kegs to ferment in or keg homebrew?

They have a spring clip rather than a snap ring. The keg knife works well, but a small screwdriver also works. I replaced mine with an internal snap ring(2" ?).
Most snap rings are a bit thicker and will rust unless you get SS.

I don’t have one, but the removal tool compresses the spear to make clip removal easier. You can also use the coupler to clean and fill without removing the spear.
Never done it, but I believe you remove the gas check valve and use the gas port.

There are alot of Youtube videos. I haven’t used mine in awhile so I’m just going from memory.

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