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Kegging Trouble

2nd attempt at kegging, the 1st went great. Set keg at 35F and 10 lbs of pressure for the 1st 7 days and then turned pressure down to about 3 lbs for serving pressure. 3/16 tubing at 4 ft length. Got every drop.

This time did the same thing(different keg) but all I am getting is a super thick foam that is as thick as cappuccino froth and no beer liquid at all even in the line. Thought it could be a clogged dip tub or that there was a contamination inside keg or even being over carbed.

Took off both pin locks after sanitizing top of keg and made sure the pick up tube was clear. There was no sign of infection in keg and must admit I had to try a small sample using my beer thief. Tasted great!! Put 3lbs of co2 pressure back on and then purged keg to seal. Next morning I tried to pour a sample to see what I got and it was the same thick foam with no trace of liquid at all. Went with the impression of being over carbonated. Purged 3 times per day for 3 days to see what would happen. No difference at all no liquid not even in the line, just foam.

I noticed every time I would use the facet I could hear the CO2 bubbling in keg.
So I did the only thing I could think of…trying to keep splashing to a minimum I transferred beer from 1 keg to other after sanitizing.
I brought (original) keg up to pressure and tried again and it worked great. I know I just added oxygen to beer so I am inviting friends over this Weekend to help wipe it out.

It must have been the other keg. Dip tube, gas tube and all o rings look to be in good condition. What would cause the extra bubbling and most of all no beer and all foam?
Could it be from bad poppets maybe?

Thanks for any advice and for taking the time to help.

My first thought would be a crack in your dip tube.

Super heavy foam can be from dispensing off the top, so a cracked tube may be the culprit, or a bad seal at the top of the tube. The bubbling sound would come from C02 entering the beer below the fluid level, such as when the gas is hooked up to the “out” post.

+1 that was my first thought, maybe you had gas hooked up to the ‘out’ post…

Thanks for the replies. Kegging an Irish Red later today. When I sanitize my keg I will check the dip tub more closely for cracks. I am using pin lock keg so I am certain I didn’t hook up wrong without a bit of trouble. Will post how it worked out in about a week.

It’s been a a little over a week since I kegged my beer. Saddly the issue is not fixed, same thick foam. For now I am going to switch out dip and gas tub from other keg into this one.
Seeing that this works now guess I will need to get new tubes to replace old ones. Looking over and even changed orings cant see anything wrong with them. I am stumped.

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