kegging question

Last week I ordered a two keg system and should get here this week. I may not be
able to fill the CO2 until next Monday /Tuesday. I have a keg that a buddy picked up
for me a couple days ago when he went to the big city and a BPA that will be in primary
four weeks on Tuesday. I have off work the next two days, can I use my priming sugar and
keg it or wait til I get my CO2 filled?

You can prime your keg with sugar. Generally folks use about half what they would use if they were bottling it. It will still take about the same amount of time to carbonate as if it were bottled. You will still need to use CO2 to push it once it’s tapped. You will also get a bit more crap on your first pour than if you just put it on CO2 to carb. Not a real big deal but thought I’d mention it. Cheers!!!

You really need to have that CO2 bottle. If you just add sugar and put the lid on, the lid may not fully seal and the CO2 that is produced with the sugar just escape.

Normally you would shoot 30+ pounds of CO2 pressure on the keg to set the lid tight. Then let the sugar do it’s thing.

Not saying that it won’t work, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t.

Check around for a fire extinguisher shop to get the tank filled. Usually you can get it filled in 10 minutes. Or if it’s on the way to work drop if off and pick it up. They may stay around a couple minutes late if you ask as they are usually mom and pop type shops.

Thanks guys, forgot about that 30psi to set the lid as I’m new to this and it will
be the first time kegging. Thought I might get a week of conditioning in since I
will have to travel 45min. to get it filled. If it gets here Tuesday I may have time.