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Kegging disaster

Went to put on a new keg last Sunday, a ten gallon. In the process one of the QDs got caught on the door of the kegorator and stretched out. I didn’t think anything about it, hooked it up as usual and went off to pick up a couple of sandwiches. Only about ten minutes away.

When I got back there was at least a couple of gallons of IPA on the hardwood floor. A mop, bucket and a bunch of towels fixed the mess. The brass fitting that I assume compresses the tubing onto the goose neck fitting that goes into the shank had yanked off or loosened enough for the pressure to blow it off. A small river poured out the door when I opened it.

The Mrs. was less than pleased but since the oak floor was urathaned no harm. I replaced the brass fitting with a hose clamp and so far all is well except that the keg lost most of it’s pressure so I will leave it hooked up and check on it often. What a PIA that was. Kegorator has been moved to a less convenient but safer location.

That’s weird… I have to say, I haven’t had this happen over many years of bottle conditioning. :grin:

Sorry, us bottlers have to take our shots when we can, because the rest of the time we’re just jealous.


That sucks. I lost a maybe gallon recently as well. Left my tap open and hooked up the keg. Line runs through the wall so I didn’t notice it right away.

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Yeah that’s a bad day. I’ve had similar things happen with poppets that have stuck open.

Did I tell you the time I dropped the bottling bucket on the floor but first it bounced off my head. Yeah I think I did.


I’ve got an inch or so of beer in the bottom of the keezer from a loose beer connection on a keg. Argh!

When I got everything back together and tried to pull a pint, nothing. Same problem I had with another keg from this batch that clogged with hops. I hooked up a gas QD to the out to blow it back which did not work last time and it cleared. Makes me think that if it did not clog up the entire ten gallons might have been pushed out. Maybe it wasn’t as bad as I thought.


Is the keg half full or is the keg half empty. I say half full. Enjoy


That half empty one would make mine a full one! Not all is lost! Sneezles61

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