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Kegged for 2nd fermetor

It has been two weeks since I did the Brown Ale. On my post, “brewed Saturday”, is all the information results. I did a gravity thurs 1.022 and check and checked on saturday and it was the same. I ended up with 4 gals. Not sure if it was a good idea but, I made 5 qts of wort with lme. I cooled in the keg and shook it a little. My plan is to let set for 2 wks , dry hop for 2 wks ,and let set for 2 more wks. The reason for this is, when I tasted after testing at 8:30 AM, and it was alcoholie. I also am hoping that it will mellow out. I am going to do another gravity test.

In the future it’s better to just let it mellow on its own. That’s what yeast does when it runs out of fermentables, they clean up the fusel alcohols.
1.022 is pretty high to be considered done. Take samplings 3 days apart and see if they remain the same. 2 days apart is not enough time. What yeast are you using and at what temperature

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I thought it was too high, but I thought it was because of a high gravity. Even if I let it sit for 4-6 wks will gravity drop? I was going to test to see any ways for sake of mind. Safale 4 or 5 temp is around 75- 80. Trying to keep it cool.(weather in upstate NY) too hot.:rage:

I have had beers finish at 1.02 so its possible its done.

Not sure what to do about the high temps for the yeast? I was thinking to get used refrigerator with a temp control.

Yesterday went out to check the second ferm. As you read , that I added 4-5 qts of wort to the batch, the yeast started to work again. It took me 3-5 mins and lost about 1/2 c of beer, to re leave the pressure. I had to hook up the gas side and use a blow off tube. The activation of the yeast was compare to a day 3 of wort being in first ferm. I did taste the foam and no sourness (yet). I did not check on sunday ,only because I thought there might be little pressure. Will check before work. The reason I wanted to add more wort , was for the volume.

If you can swing it financially, that’s the way to go. I have 2 Johnson controllers and love them but there are many cheaper options for a temperature override/controller.

I do use inkbird. Temp controller. Nice price and easy to work with

Watching you tube on fermetors. Looking for a refrigerator and thinking of inkbird.

On another note:
The yeast stop doing its business. I am going to recheck gravity Sunday. I am going to space out the gravity testing throughout the week(Sunday Wednesday Friday).

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