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Kegged Beer went Bad?!

I had kegged a beer and at that point it tasted great. Now a several weeks later after not having it for while, the beer is now gross. I recently read about hidden nastys in the dip tube and will double check them, but does anyone else have any ideas about what may have happened?

Before you tap your beer did you spray sanitizer on the keg connections and your corny adapters? If not you could be injecting bad guys into your beer.

Sounds for sure like some kind of infection.
A beer may change character in the keg with age, often for the better (to a point anyway, depending on the ‘style’). But if it has turned downright foul tasting (sour, phenolic, etc.) it can probably be traced to sanitation.
Maybe that keg needs a thorough and meticulous cleaning.

I am very thorough with sanitizing the kegs and connections. Honestly i waste a lot of sanitizer on keeping things clean. Only thing i don’t go crazy on is the beer line as i assumed that things are going in one direction and that i am safe…maybe not?

Sounds like it could be a buildup of beer stone and then some nasties in the dip tube. My buddy gets two kegs from each batch I brew and he has had some go really bad and overcarbonate in his kegs. He never ran a dip tube brush through the dip tubes for fear of scratching them. The other day, I showed him his dip tubes close up with a flashlight and he has since changed his ways. You can’t do a thorough job of sanitizing if its not clean in the first place.

Just to follow up. Yesterday I dumped the beer and broke down the keg. Upon inspecting the dip tube I did see a few pieces of gunk adhering to the sides of the tube. Muller, when you said that the kegs over carbonated, it made me remember that i had a sudden increase in carbonation despite not having the co2 hooked up to the keg.

I have a dip tube brush and I will now use it much more religiously. Also, not related but I wanted to say that I love universal poppets

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